Soundrecorder not working properly

sound recorder showing error… not able to record sound… tried taifun’s aia also… same error… seems like some error with component itself…

anyone who solved this error?

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Seems to be an error in your blocks…show your blocks…this way no one can help you…


i tried with taifuns aia… still not working… check…soundrecorder.aia (2.1 KB)

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Are you using Android 10

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No need to post your aia. Just post your blocks (In blockeditor rightclick and create png)

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… yes android 10… Can you try and see if it works for you?

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can you use sound component or exo player instead player


Your blocks are all ok. There is probably a permission problem with Android 10. Try to save your soundfiles in the ASD ( Application Specific Directory)
More infos here: Private & app-specific directory - permissions


soundrecorder1.aia (7.8 KB)


Great! this works!. Will it work for all versions? Also will it work after Kodular use the AndroidX libs ?

Sure! What I know of it’s not bound to AndroidX…

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This has nothing to do with Android 10 (or any any other version).
The Soundrecoder component uses the absolute path:


and you have set the relative path: /Kodular/mySound.3gp (in the Designer).

And this has also nothing to do with AndroidX libs, but with → Scoped Storage (when Kodular targets API 30 (Android 11) → Aug 2021.

Btw, here is the extension, that Boban has used for the ASD:


kewl… it keeps /storage/emulated/0/Kodular/mySound.3gp as source. is it?

Record Yes, Play No at least not on my device…That’s why I used your extension.

It comes like that from Taifuns example…

Which Android version?

Android version 10

For me it’s working fine on Android 9-11.

Try this: file:///storage/emulated/0/Kodular/mySound.3gp



Its working safe for me with ASD extension ( both record and play ). Few questions though

  1. can we change the kodular directory? how to do that
  2. will this work for all android versions…

I’ll answer your question, but tell me first if it works on your device with one of these paths:

and / or