Sounds and player in kodular

Hi, I’m doing a picture identification exercise with sound.
Each time the user clicks on the "validate
" button, he listens to a sound from the image. and if he clicks on the “next” button, he goes to another image… etc
Everything works fine, only I couldn’t solve the sound problem. I want that each time the user clicks on the “next” button, the application generates the appropriate sound at the next image…
How to solve this problem?
Thank you

Set player source to select list item list global sounds index global index

I made this change in “Screen initialise”, “Validate Button” and “Next Button”, but noticed that the 1st sound repeats for the 1st and 2nd image. and the second sound will be assigned to the 3rd image so that there will be a shift between the image and the sound.

Can you tell me where is the fault in this code image?

Remove set source and see if it works for you


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I have delete this bloc but the same error

Try this sample aia and see if this is what you want

farm_animals.aia (642.0 KB)

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Yes thank you very much.
It’s ok now. It was a problem of naming the mp3 file. ufff. Stupid things happen that you don’t realize while working.
Really you are superb… Always you are the only one who helps me to overcome the problems.
A low hat. Thank you so much.

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