Source and target classes must be identical error problem


Why sees this error?

You are a wizard.
I have never seen this before.


Does it occur only when you complete a particular function?

I would suggest putting a Screen1.Error process in to show you the dialog box. It has helped me for sure. Let me know.

what is the solution now? i have no error in blocks.

As I said I have never seen this before

  • What did you do before this error?
  • Are you seeing this error every time or sometimes?
  • Are you using any extensions?
  • Are you seeing this error with exported APK?
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Does it occur after a particular function? You leaving us very limited info. Per @yusufcihan Please answer ALL his questions and include if it occurs at an exact point in your app.

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I’m guessing he is because what I saw is this doesn’t happen with Kodular components and shouldn’t happen to anything built with ant extensions.

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change the component name, if you choose the same name of screen and as well component you got this error. e.g. if I choose screen name as “Login” and in same screen I write any component name as “Login” then we got this error.


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thank you!
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