Sources of Earning Trivia app

I have developed a Trivia app , where user play trivia game based upon different topics and get rewarded with gifts . ( There is no life option)

I am not using any ads to monetize my app right .
Apart from ads what can be the other ways to charge money from users .

Whatever comes in your head , Please drop here .
Your ideas will not just help me out but also the other developers who want to get rid of advertisement model

Can we add commission system like Kodular in Trivia :stuck_out_tongue:


You can develop premium version of your app where you can provide high quality content and extra features.

You can charge users to get extra life or any other features.

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You can have life system, and make them available to users by in app purchase

You can offer some game coins in to users according to their success/daily login etc
And also develop a section in which users can buy some title/frames/objects which can be highlighted on their profile from the free coins they receive from game, and if the need more money that need to buy a pack of coins from in app purchase

Final Result: In App purchase

Thank you very much for your opinion but don’t you think premium app goes for only Utility apps ? In a trivia app what things can be premium apart from lives?

title/frames/objects , This is something new .

I have thought about title and frame , can you elaborate or drop an example for objects ?