Speak to text fale web

Hi guys!
Sorry for bad English …
I really need your help again, I am trying to help a person who has a visual impairment and needs access to some web pages to study.
I’m using a custom webview to get the url and I need to make a way for the speak to text to speak the content of this web to him. Auguem has this knowledge and could share it with me, please.
This person is very poor and cannot afford to buy softwear for this.
Thanks for listening!

Can you show an example of the webpages he wants to use?


To make things clear. He doesn’t have a pc only a android phone. There is for instance this app

Couldn’t that help him?

Since he is visually impaired, will he be able to use the phone?

Just asking all these questions to get the context of exactly what he needs.