SpeedRPG a fast paced game

Hello everyone! I made a retro game like the old ones that you could make in computers. The objective is very simple, defeat 50 enemies in the quickest way and get into the leaderboards.

You have 3 attacks, Normal attacks that can hit a critical strike, Fire attacks that give you more time to charge to the max, and Ice attacks that give you more time to defend from the monster attacks.

The main goal for the game, is to get SpeedRunning in the mobile environment. It has no ads and no transactions.


The concept is good but UI needs improvement. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Where do you think it needs improvement? it is meant to have chunky UI to resemble the retro style. The ancient games were only text and you have to manually input the commands.


I meant that it need improvements like.
More pixelated
Small fonts
And margin improvement. Else you’re game is fantastic.:grinning::grinning:

Why the only thing everyone says is “the UI needs improvement”? No matter what app people show here that’s the first thing someone has to comment. Don’t you know that it is meant to be like that to simulate the 80’s old computer graphics?
I think it has become a little trend here just to say something “the UI needs improvement”. :neutral_face: