Spin Wheel System

Can I add spin wheel sytem to my app which giving lifes which can be used for doing tasks inside the app?. We can spin 2 times daily with admob rewarded video. Is it countable as earning app?

You are trying to create earnings app.you should ask @Peter

If the main goal of a app is earn and nothing else then it is a earning app.

My app is job search app. We can submit ads by using lifes. Spin wheel is the just part to earn lifes.

I think the job search part is just to make it acceptable. What has spinning a wheel to gain lifes to do with a job search app? Changes are this will be looked at as an earning app so it will not be accepted for monetization.


Its just method to earn lifes.

Again? Lifes for what?

Its just like Points System. 1 life will deduct for Submitting for one ad

You are making this kind of complicated don’t you think? If you want to make a serious job search app think of something else.

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Just adding it for geting placed for rewarded video ads. Any another way?

Whatever purpose you are adding spin wheel for. But it won’t be approved for monetization. A job search application doesn’t have a spin wheel feature. Then your app will look like its primary purpose is to serve ads. Because people will be able to search only after they watch the ad.
I recommend you to stop making this type of apps.
Take time and make something else. You’ll not be able to earn a penny with this and your Google Play Developer Account will be suspended if you upload it on Playstore.
And also it will affect Kodular’s reputation as the app was made on Kodular…

Happy Koding!

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