Spinner Component

Spinner drop down top/bottom padding looks different on different phones.
On android 7.0 shows to small

and android 4.3 shows way off

tambem percebi esse error. @Boban

Wow this is a big difference. @Mika can you take a look at this?

I will look into it.
Can somebody show me a screenshot how it looks on android 5 devices?

Here you go, android 5.0

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Could it be the material theme?

If you send me the apk i will try on Android 8

Don’t know, even Appybuilder has the same issue.

I know what’s the issue and i make current some tests.
The issue is now fixed.


Hi, Mika. Sorry but I still have those same issues with the spinner.

I guess it will be available with the next update.

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It will be fixed in the next update.