Spinner layout help

spinner template like appinventor is possible?


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Yes of course!
See this:


using notification? and not a spinner component? right?

Yes the notifier component.


ok, thks
I will try, I would prefer in spinner, but I will try your idea. thank you very much

I don’t like the look of the Spinner, I already mentioned it here in the community and I’m almost always using the list picker instead of Spinner. I didn’t know about this radio show option.

ai2 uses this model that I posted, I’m migrating my project to kodular, I want to support kodular soon,
but I noticed that there are some different things in the visual, mainly in the spinner and in the listview, the search field of the list is quoted kk

That method shows the same as app inventor’s one.If you want it to be light as app inventor.Set the light theme option to true.

The 2, list picker and Spinner, work perfectly receiving data dynamically.

I didn’t get this.

it’s very close to the line and I couldn’t find a way to pad or margin
but it’s just a comment, I remembered and spoke.
sorry if so