Spinner Returning values from a Json file

I’m using the component (Spinner) to return values ​​from a .json file that is in my asset.
The values ​​are returning correctly. But the symbols are coming together ([" "]) how do I take these signals and return just as strings. :innocent:


below .json file

“string1”: “Hello, text in English”,
“string2”: “Choose your language:”,
“string3”: “Delete database”,
“string4”: “Go to tel 2”,
“string6”: “Back Screen 1”,
“string8”: “I want to translate this text”

Maybe change it to Elements?

I’ve tried but returns this error

Convert it to json, not json text.

Use Json encode in Web component.

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Do you mean that instead of using the json file extension in .TXT I use the extension in .JSON?

If yes, “[“Car”,“House”,“Building”,“Pool”,“Bicycle”]” this will be as text when you get it. U need to convert it to json to use it.

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Try to use this component’s block to convert


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Solution! Haha

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They already gave me a north to follow.

As soon as I can solve it, I mark “Solution”

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Sorted out

I used the component web.JSON Text Decode

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