Splash Master - 4K Wallpapers [Unavailable]

Splash Master

4K wallpapers which makes your display look amazing.





It’s looks good

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Thanks for the comment !! :heart_eyes:

Cool UI nice application ! You make it kodular ??

Yeah, you can tell it from the spotlight!

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which extension you used for showing the image like that

Like … what?

i mean in horizontal way and also i dont think there is any limit on no. of image he want to show.

I still do not understand … Maybe you should try with the image component? :sweat_smile:

how he showed images like this

i just want to know this.

i know how to make same like this but i just want to know that he used something else or not

I used Grid View extension.

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from deephost ?

Yes, I used Deep Host Extension

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ok i got it.

Fantastic piece of work.