Splash Screen redirects to Home Screen instead of Login Screen even when there is no value stored

I have just created a basic chat app that requires the user to enter the name and mobile number upon the first login. Thereafter, if the mobile value is stored in TinyDB, it will automatically redirect to Home Screen.
But, in my case, it is directly redirecting to Home Screen even after putting a condition of getting Value from TinyDB.
Splash Screen redirects to Home Screen instead of Login Screen even when there is no value stored.

I am attaching the screenshots of the blocks as well as the .AIA file for your reference.

chat (1).aia (349.6 KB)

Try by setting same namespace for Tinydb 1 in its Properties

Sorry, I did not understand.

Always make splash screen and login layout in screen1 using arrangements.

And also you forgot to disable clock. When clock timer ends, make it disable.

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And for checking tinydb use is empty block

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If we disable time always fire then no need to disable timer again

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Precaution is better than cure! :joy:

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I am unable to understand. Could you please fix it and send back, if you don’t mind?

Please mention the screen as there are multiple clocks

Where do I place the disable block, please help.

As @The_K_Studio Said

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When clock1 timer
Set clock1 timer enabled to false

On the Splash Screen?

Thanks for the welcome note.

Could you do this please?

Design anything on splash screen, place logo or welcome note.

There are already things on Splash Screen with proper arrangements.

Set your all splash layout component in a vertical arrangement and login layout component in another vertical arrangement.

Switch these arrangements accordingly as you switched splash, login screens.

The Splash Screen (Screen1) and the Login Screen (Login) are two different screen altogether.

That’s why I am saying transfer your login screen on screen1 in an arrangement.

No need for seperate screens.

try this,
chat.aia (350.3 KB)

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