Splashscreen when loading app

Should the titlebar/ statusbar be visible on loading?! :smiley:
Current I have disabled it.

It should be disabled in my view. Nothing but the logo while loading. Maybe let the logo pulsate if you know what i mean. Grow and shrink a little bit that users can see there is something happening.

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Good Idea. I have to look if I can add something like that.
Btw, the image qualitiy on the splash is given by the quality of the logo that a app have.
It uses the same picture.

There is a recommende size of 96 x 96 pixels in general. But maybe a 256 x 256 will do the trick also. People have to test i guess. Or would it be possible to use a different image?

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I have to make some tests on it.

Can you add an intermediate progress bar under the splash screen logo?


@TurboProgramming some users may not want that in their apps.
@Mika is trying his best to implement splash screens as how Google has done them


So, just add an option for it?

Otherwise, the user would only see the logo, yes it will be understandable to the users that the app is loading but there should be a sign.

Users that don’t want a progress bar on the splash screen can disable it.

Will this screen only be displayed to inform the user about the app or instead of the black splashscreen?

You didn’t read the whole topic:


It will replace the black screen.

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It replaces only the black screen that every builder current have.

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Sorry :slight_smile:.

That would be great.

I suggested a progress bar for this.

Can you add an option to disable or enable it? @Mika

Not being rude but, the more work they need to do the longer it will take them to get the Bug Fix update out and rolling… If they want, they can do it in the next update… They already have alot to work on.


Yes, they’re working on it.

My ideas are just for them to add to their wishlist, not to make pressure on them.

Well it was the developers choice to work on it so i don’t think that will be a problem. Thank god we don’t dictate what they should work on.

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Ok… Your post “I want more categories”… I was just reading it, you seem to not have enough already. And not everyone on the Makeroid Community is able to ask for these things and get loyalty for it or get it done right away! You also said that your just suggesting to make Makeroid better, like it’s not already. All of us on the Makeroid Community want improvement but, we don’t bug the developers. And I see your name everywhere on this community!