Splashscreen when loading app

Sorry but is being active in the community a bad thing??

Just helping people. Not spamming.

There are spammers that copy & paste the warnings they get from the builder and everybody thinks that they help people. And me? I search for ideas, answers for questions and bugs to report developers.

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I am not saying that you being active is bad… I am saying you post like everyday. I just come here to see what’s going on. And sometimes reply!

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OK, I understood you. But I’m active all the time to help people here. I’m aware of every discussion and this is a good thing.

Not only the community I also contribute to the Documentation, the Translations (I’ve translated Makeroid Builder to Turkish) and other repositories on GitHub.



Boys stick to the topic of the thread or create a new thread if you want to whine at each other…



Now the last answer on this topic:
I have added a option that you can use any image you want as full splash screen.

Create your own picture with example size 400width X 8oo height.
Then add it to “Splash Image” and enable the property “Splash Enabled”.
That’s it.

If “Splash Enabled” is set to false, all makeroid apps will have then by default a white background (not longer the ugly dark one) on starting (like Android Studio apps).

Possiple after our comeback.


Is it possible to have an property to set the duration of the splash screen?
Or the duration relates to how long the app takes to load ?

No, currently there’s no such way. But you can make a custom splash screen using clock component and then set it’s duration as per your needs. :wink:


Above is correct and we can not add such a property you want because the splash screen time makes your device.
Faster device → shorter load time


With the Splash Screen when switching between screens always appears the Splash…
Is there a way to solve this?

You can make your custom splash screen.

I have tested it and the problem is that the first time you access to the application, appear the permissions requested by the application and while you accept the permissions, the clock has passed and the splash too.
And if I put more time to the timer, the second time you access there are no more permissions to accept and the time is much longer …

You can check whether the permissions are given on the splash screen. When permissions are granted, you can enable timer of the splash screen to open home page of your app.

I made this in my app:

I mean, you can solve your splash screen problem with playing with blocks.

Thank you!

I’ll try it…

How do you detect when the application is asking for permissions? With which blocks?
With these?


Is Permissions Granted block.

Thank you so much.!!!

You may wanna rethink the name of your app… Think about Nova Launcher and your name.

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But my app is a game. Also it is a not launcher. But I will think.

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Yes but it includes Nova.