Splashscreen when loading app

Could it be possible to incorporate a splashscreen while loading the app assets. Now you get a black screen while loading.

I know there are solutions but they require decompiling the apk. This is Bobans example on how he does that. http://baasapps.com/app-inventor/splash-screen-mit-ai2/

But making it available inside Makeroid would be a great plus.

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You can add a full screen image to screen1 and then set a clock with a timer. When the timer finish you redirect the user to another screen


The idea is really good @Peter
I have tried today something but without success.
But i will look into it again because this would be really cool for all of us if this will be a makeroid feature :slight_smile:


You would still experience black screen loading on cold start, with my solution, you do not need an extra screen and it’s loaded immediately.

Unfortunately, I have not seen an app that is made with Ai2 or its clones that do not have a black screen on start.



No, in my app works well…

Waiting for it @Mika, yep: this is really a good feature.

If it becomes possible then it will be good to have as a built-in component.

Good for you but can you provide us with an apk that demostrates this, as I mentioned earlier I have never seen it.


Here it is (app in Italian):


When I have time I’ll send alsi blocks and components of Screen1


Sorry, the splashscreen is in the beta version 3.0 b6. Please update the app.

Once again No, others can try it and see if they get the same behavior.

a longer video as well as a bug, when you click on the back button you return to the splash screen.


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@Boban You are 100% right.
There is NO app without having a black screen (no matter how long or short in seconds).


You can avoid this by setting a block “when back button pressed” and then use the block close app.

The final answer is probably this one:

So Bobans solution cannot be build into Makeroid?

The Splash Screen will be changed changing the apk Im making a tutorial to explain how to do it :smiley:

I playing current with our source codes.
I have successful added @Boban method to show a splash screen on app start with the app logo in the middle at the screen with white background color.

Now I don’t know before we really add it to our sources, if we have to create a new option to let users choose if they really want a splash screen with the app logo on app start.

What do you guy’s say?

Wow, that is great news.

I guess most users would love to see that something is visible on the screen while the programm is loading. But maybe an option for it would be good.

If we make now the splash for everybody then I have not much work again :smiley:
If we add a option then I have a lot of work :smiley: :see_no_evil:

The splash on loading the app have white background color and in the middle is the app logo that the user used.

This is how the companion looks with it: (Yes on loading is no titlebar/statusbar visible)


Why not make it that everyone has it. There is always been talk about the black screen while loading an app on every builder forum.