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Splite Browser is a smart, fast & lite web browser with other awesome features made for smart phones for fast web browsing experience to save phone space & data. Splite Browser is optimized to make great web browsing experience. Also make your web browsing more smart by using app in-built dual browser to browse two website at the same time. Splite Browser is small at only 6MB large.


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it looks amazing…

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Superb app

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Thanks sooo… much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The app was really good I like it :grin:

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Thanks brother

Can you tell me how you made menu?

By using Popup menu extension

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Is it paid?

it is free bro…

Thanks a lot.

Bro f you like my app then please rate it on Playstore.

Sure i shall.

Yes.Can you give me?

Thanks bro