Sponsorship Offered for an HTML - PDF Extension


I have been looking at http://www.pdfcrowd.com to do HTML to PDF conversion, for a few reasons.

GDPR compliant, Ability to delete, watermark etc etc etc.

Users of my app will effectively be creating a report, with photos in it. I have an HTML created when the report is done, and would like an option for a watermarked PDF to be created, and then emailed to the user.

If an extesion developer would like to look at the pdfcrowd and see how easy it would be, I would be happy to discuss a sponsorship to get it started.

I will not cross post this to Thunkable, so if you have mates on Thunkable who can help, please let them know. I have the same name there.



Hi @cian,
I would like to create this extension, and I started ,succeeded in initial testing.
Hope I an complete it as soon as possible.

Thank you
Jerin Jacob