Spotlight Component dont support images sprites(canvas)

can you add the abiltiy to use images sprites(Canvas) as components for the spotlight component ? right now this error pops up if you try to use a imagesprite(canvas) as component for spotlight

Which blocks have you setup?

just these

This also happens with FABs

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What are you talking about?

Nothing nothing

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@mika here are some more informations
Imagesprite_Spotlight_bug.aia (12,4 KB)

i have set a canvas fillparent hight and width then a image_sprite in it set as visible and with picture

in spotlight i just added subhaeding text and heading text
components are like this
i think it just dont work with image_sprite do you think you can add this ?

p.s have a nice day Marggx

Is the true on if just for testing?

yes so it executes 100% first before spotlight show

You dont need that. Just set the component and then execute the show block.
No need to do it like you did.

i know but still dont work can you implement it ?

it gives the error from my first post

Not sure.
Image Sprite are not views like other components.
App Inventor created it custom.
And the block “Image_Sprite” have a return value which I don’t know.
I can’t find anything usefull in the source code about it.

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and whats about FABs there also not working?

Maybe for FAB’s we can create a new block which returns the needed view for spotlight component.

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Okay tank you :+1:

For FAB’s I added a new option into spotlight component.
It looks like this:

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Thank you again :+1:

Can you maybe also add a way to call.spotlight.showspotlight on xy, input x,y
So the spotlight will show on to coordinates on screen

The library which we use does not support such a feature.