Spotlight extra button request

Is it possible add button to spotlight component ? I show too many spotlights to user and i trigger next spotlight with clicked event handler.

I want add option(button) for users to let them exit from this spotlight tutorial series.So i can track exit button and end tutorial

After 1st spotlight you can ask them to watch tutorial or skip using a notifier.


If you got it you can mark it as solution so others can know it.

I already ask users about should i show tutorial?

But tutorial is long and I don’t want ask do you want continue tutorial every 3 4 step .Exit button fix this problem

You should only ask after only 1st spotlight that

would you like to continue or skip the tutorial

I ask user before start of the spotlight tutorials.Should i start tutorial or not.If user select start tutorial its show +20 spotlight.I can ask do you want continue on every 5. spotlight but its not good for user experience so i just want a exit button to handle user exit request :slight_smile: