Spreadsheet doesn't get the same result every time

I would like to write a simple code for a tutorial about spreadsheet. :joy: :joy: it’s crazy, I can’t :rofl:


This is my database, easy, link to cloudinary , 3 numbers and 3 text. I tried a lot of codes, with variables and without, with for each item, for each number, with procedure , nothing. So I tried the very easy one

every click I get different values order , with app and with companion :upside_down_face: but if I try to get row 1 , get row 2, get row 3 manually by companion it works perfectly. always. There is some problem with spreadsheet? I remember it worked right some month ago . Some problem with list view text and image? Some problem with my code?? p.s. sometimes it works only on the first click :man_shrugging:
One of my codes .

Thanks to all

Since I understant you wish to make a leaderboard, simply get data from both columns and then use

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No sorry, the leaderboard is only for example, the problem is that I get always different values order, always with the simple for each number from 1 to 3 . It gives me 123, another time 312 , another 132 etc

I can not understand what you are trying to do. Either call colums or get all rows. Once got values add them to global variables and then use them according to needs

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I try to explain better . The second pic, the for each number. If I click first time to execute the code , it gets row 1,2, and 3 in the right sequence (sometime) , if I click second time the for each gets row 3, 1, 2 . If I click again gets row 2, 3, 1 and so on . But this code have to get always row 1,2,3 in this sequence ? My question is : why the same code gets always different sequence of rows ?

Nobody can help me ? Some hints ?

provide us test aia to assist you

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Thanks to reply :sweat_smile: one for each from 1 to 3 is not a aia :man_facepalming:t2: . Now I 'm not at pc :disappointed:
The code is the for each of the second image and the got row like the last picture. The data base is the first image, 3 row , image+number+text

Hi, @Still-learning @dora_paz
Here the .aia and a video to show you what happen for each click, everytime a different sequence of row . Thank you for reply and help.

Video :point_right: HERE
aia :point_right: mha.aia (11.7 KB)

Try this using clock component

mha_1.aia (12.4 KB)

To start or for each row

Of course the easiest way to avoid all that is to work with get all rows

mha_2.aia (17.9 KB)

Thank you, I saw the code, thank you for help and discussion.
I tried clock in that way ( Is like call manually row 1, row2 and row 3 ), and also add item with 3 different items. So there isn’t solution for easy way like a for each? Acconding to you the problem is about list view (add item from list), about the speed to connect to air table server , about kodular manage data form air table ??? Have a nice day, I haven’t my solution about the main problem but you work for 2 different one so I close the post with solution …thank you

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