Spreadsheet Get Column problem [SOLVED]

Trying to use spreadsheet to get data from Airtables. Seems to ignore Get Column request, Got Column never fires.

Screenshot from 2020-09-14 09-48-25

As always, any help is appreciated.

You should show us your blocks how you’re doing it.

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Show us all the blocks and don’t keep any blank cell in you airtable spreadsheet

My app is huge, I included the blocks that are pertinent to the issue. What else did you want to see? What do you mean by “blank cell”?

Empty Cell in Airtable.

OK, I have 5 columns in my AirTable. Some of the columns have blank cells as there is no data for them yet. However the column I was trying to retrieve has no blank cells.

So I created an AirTable Base called “Test Base”. It has two columns and no blank cells. I then created a test project, here is all the code:

The “when Spreadsheet1.Got Column” still does not fire. The Button 1 and the initTableLists Notifiers both fire.

The solution is that besides NO EMPTY CELLS anywhere in the AirTable, all three of these variables must be defined, either in the Designer screen section for the Spreadsheet, or as variables in the Blocks section:

Screenshot from 2020-09-14 11-56-17

Thanks to all who replied. :sunglasses:

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