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Hello Everyone,
I want to create a withdraw records system, I searched too much but didn’t get anything. Please tell me what should I do to get Amount and Time of a particular number which is logged in. It is showing whole data ( Amount and Date ) available on Airtable spreadsheet.

Do not use, contains text. Rather than use logic block . i.e

Select list item list (get global data)
Index (get number) = call tinydb tag number

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And if i want to get complete info of a history. i.e first history in listview is 200 Rs and sent on 25 December. Now how to get other info about the same transaction to show in a cardview when the button in colintree listview is clicked?

First get the matching number, by using that number you can take any item from any list.

Yes i mean how to get that particular row number of that transaction?

Index is in the list (global amount) thing (text box text)

Yes it showed the transaction history very well.

I hope you have not shared what type of list view you are using… either collitree or dynamic component extension. Then only it could be easy for us to guide you

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