SQLite error on select where '<='

I have a query:
“SELECT … WHERE date_milisecs >= Clock1.getMilis AND date_milisecs <= Clock2.getMilis”
The problem is that the SQLite read only
"SELECT … WHERE date_milisecs >= Clock1.getMilis AND date_milisecs "
I dont now how to escape “<=” in query.
I try / and <, but no success.

Try \, which is the escape character

Did you put “?” for each parameter?
data_milli >=?

and don’t need " quotes inside the block…
data_mili>=’ -----> data_mili>=


The first image I was testing a lot off and nothing.
Try with quotes, with no quotes, with ?
I think the problem occurs when I put the <, that is translate to html code.

Try the BETWEEN comparison ?



A table, with 1 field of type integer , supplied with the Insert - Table - Column - Values ​​block.
No Extension…
It worked…

Strange things…
After that I tested, all selects are ok
I dont now what happenned.
Maybe data in SQLite.

This query is ok.

Thank you so much

I don’t understand
after tested this method, that didn’t work, the old method return data.

After testet a lot of function, like Rogerio_Rios and TimAi2 sent, the original query is ok now.
I don’t know if any data in SQLite or any problem in code/platform.

The code works:

The result by filter:

Thank you so much TimAi2 and Rogerio_Rios

Sorry… I don’t mention anyone yet.

One note: these are not the original blocks. are the blocks with “?” exclamation mark and without the quotes ’ . as I mentioned in my first post

In your original blocks there were no exclamations “?” of the parameters and there were quotes '.

Clarifying ::point_down:This is your original blocks

Clarifying : These are the blocks with the fixes I suggested

So , clarifying for other users:
it is necessary to put “?” for each parameter of the WHERE clause in SQL SELECT Command.

Off-topic :
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you are right.
thanks again.

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