Sqlite keep crashing

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My app is keep crashing while in companion or APK

Steps to reproduce the issue

My app just screen initialize and creating SQLITE table

Expected Behaviour

Actual Behaviour

App keep crashing while start
When I remove the block, app working without problem

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Android version


Here is my aia file
TestSQLite.aia (1.5 KB)

Same here with Android 6.0.1
Anyone solved this problem?


Same problem.
As a workaround, I use https://github.com/frdfsnlght/aix-SQLite.

Same here (Android 8.0), but with SuppressToast == True the extension works and I can execute commands and SQL queries without any problems. :


Maybe the Kodular developers can control this problem?


This is a nice extension but have you tried to do a select query that will result in more than 10-12 columns?

@Mr_Blackd, currently I have just two tables in my project: a simple query that returns 18 columns does not pose any problems. I haven’t tried more complex queries yet.

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i had the same problem, ith that, now my app works fine.