SQLite "update" not working

Hi everyone,

I am writing here because I am at a loss. I am storing Data in an SQLite table and integrated it into my project via Taifuns SQLite extension. Importing it and reading data worked fine. I can populate my dynamic components without any issue.

Now I’ve been trying to update / change some data in the database and I just can’t get it to work. My guess is that I am missing something but I have no clue what. I’ve look through this and other forums but found no solution to my problem.

Anyway: I am trying to update my the Database via this statement:
UPDATE TabelleEN SET Abgegeben = ‘dreihundert’ WHERE SName = ‘Haselnuss’

I am sure everything is created and exists because at the same time I am displaying the data from the field that should be updated (Abgegeben) in a button via this statement:
SELECT Abgegeben FROM TabelleEN WHERE SName = ‘Haselnuss’

It displays correctly with the data I set into the database in the beginning when I uploaded it to the assets. The only thing it does not do is update the value to “dreihundert” and I have no idea why. if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. Also, please explain everything in very basic and easy terms as I am really really new at all of this. Thanks in advance!

I also added the blocks to show what I am trying:

Only your initial databsae can be in the assets, but not the current or working database…

On first run of the app usually you import the initial database. All database operations will be done in the previously imported database. If you like to export the database again, use the Export method to export it to the internal sdcard. The initial databae in the assets never will change… it is a static file


i am getting same problem update is not working

@Suraj_Salavi you can use built - in block of the sqlite component

@luv.ak.tech it was my mistake that i was passing wrong id to update. i resolved that and now it is working like it should. Thank you …

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