Squeeze The Monsters // Looking for testers

Let me guys to show off my dream game. I’m almost done with this project after 1 year. :star_struck:
Please give me some feedback + and - going to be helpful because i want to learn more.

Hope you guys like it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What is the name of your app?

IDLE: Squeeze The Monsters

Describe your app:

STM is an IDLE game which is based on the reaction but sometimes the accuracy more important! :zap:
Have you ever tried IDLE? Then let’s rock!

Squeeeeze as many monster as you can to be placed on top of the leaderboard! :top:

Don’t let your reaction to get slow or if your accuracy not enough good then your way going to be very hard!

Beware of the monster’s skills because they make your way much harder.
The mobs are endowed with 5 different spell.

DON’T WORRY, be stronger and SQUEEEEZEE THEM! :muscle:
Not only the monsters have wonderful spells. You can unlock four different useful skills to paralyze the mobs.

For every successful level after you beat a mob you will earn stat points. Use them responsibly.

Equipments is the key to get stronger:
Gloves - increase your touch’s damage
Ring - good for higher critical rate
Book - help to make higher damage for skills

Magic fuse system::firecracker:

  • Endow your equipment with magiiiiiiccc
  • The fusion can increase or decrease your equipment grade
  • Grades are randomly given between 1 and 5

Upgrade system: :bar_chart:

  • Upgrade your equipments to get more stronger
  • There is 4 available grade of the upgrade

Looking for something harder? :scream:
Then take a part into the Boss kill!

Boss kill system is waiting for you!
Collect crystals and summon one of the strongest bosses.

Boss kills is global and available to everyone! :handshake:
Do the most highest damage in Boss Kill to earn better rewards!


App Store/Download link:


Very nice ui.
Report extension you have used,please

Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I just used phase extension for popup nothing more. Rest is base layouts.


Hello dear koders!

Testing phase :star_struck:
Finally my first version is now available on google store in testing phase.

Need some testers :face_with_monocle:
I’m looking for some testers who can test my game.

Should i test it for free? :money_mouth_face:
Yes please. No just kidding i never ask anything for free. All testers will be rewarded in the live version.
NOTE!!! You have to use the same ID in the both in test phase and live version to be rewarded.

Link for join to testers: :arrow_down:

Have a nice day to all koders and gamers. :hugs:

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I get this every time I start app, and when I go back to main window(where you can see inventory).

Also, not to be rude, but it should only say Yes or No :see_no_evil: And ofc Close :relaxed:

Btw, the leaderboard is real or fictive?

Looks great, but kinda hard, and I can only collect around 5, then it stops and I can collect reward, but the timer has not gone down to 0 :thinking:

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I have tested the game. Game is good but can you also add

how to play game

And fix this issue

Left everything is good.

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Why am I not able to buy this upgrade?

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Thanks for all response.
The leaderboard is real. Just i forget to clear it before the test publish.

The problem which you facing while loading the main screen happens because of the daily free system.
I have to rework that systeam a bit.

The brutal touch should be available for you as i saw because you has to be lvl 15 in place of monsters and need 5000 coins. I’m gonna check it why you cannot upgrade.

I’m really thankfull you guys for feedback. :pray: :heart:

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The new verion available now in google play.

  • I added you to the rank
  • You can now unlock the Brutal touch skill
  • Seems like the daily free wont make problem (but not sure)
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I have updated, but not able to start game. Every time I open app it sais there’s an update available with choices to update or later. But I have updated, and if I choose later, then the app shuts down.

I’m sorry. Its should work now.