SSL / Supabase and Api CRUD over HTTPS

Hi everyone! :vulcan_salute:

Im working on a project that handle/share super sensitive data (very). And i using Supabase as DB.

With the web component i make CRUD over HTTP but not HTTPS, and someone can intercept the data, for that reason Supabase has the option:

But i don’t have any idea about how to use it! (in kodular or mit web component)

Also; i use AES256 to encrypt Key>Values on Json broadcasted over the request, like:

uuid: a8sd3a3s251asd1321ga ==> nz23asx25hc78gh8ya: jkashgdoaqs45d6a
value_to_store: 123456 ==> askldjaksjdkwe654: as2d1a32s1dw2

in Supabase the data it’s stored encrypted, and only decrypted by owner at the moment that’s needed:
(you request an appointment for medic, they see on system your request, give you a date and hour, then you go, scann a qr decrypt data and print the ticket to “file on paper” the appointment [paper copy is mandatory here]).

So if the request was intercepted, nobody can reedit. But i want more security (zero trust) and i want to enable the SSL.

Maybe @Silver or @Taifun can help me to understand how to load the SSL certificate.