[Stable] Catalyst web browser. A simple, fast, and secure web browser.

Catalyst Web Browser

Latest Release: v1.3.2

Hello, I am the developer of the Catalyst web browser.

Where can I get it

The latest release can be downloaded here


The AIA file for this release can be downloaded here
As well, the contents of the AIA file are viewable on GitHub

What is it?

Catalyst is a simple, lightweight, secure and private web browser designed to be fast!

What are the features?

Catalyst is designed to be simple, and only have features that the user needs. This includes:

  • Tabs (toggle-able to view more content)
  • URL Bar
  • Close button
  • A fast and secure browsing experience


Planned Features (v1.4.0)

  • Searching
  • Better Tabs
  • Working… close… button :confused:
  • Push/In-App Notifications (OneSignal)