Stack images with transparancy level on top of each other

Is it possible to stack images on top of each other.

e.g. What I want to make is some kind of a clock as a timer including seconds, minutes and hours. Now while the hour will not change, the minutes and the seconds will. In stead of creating every possible instance I thought it could be handy if there was an option to make several images overlap each other.

  • at bottom: the clock with the hours and possibly the hour pointer
  • on the bottom image: one with the seconds pointer and one with the hour pointer (these will change accordingly)
  • top: glasswork of the clock
    This means that with 60 instances of the seconds pointer and 60 instances of the minutes pointer I can create all possible times.

Thanks for replying

You cannot stack images but you can draw shapes(in your case pointers) with canvas, I don’t think glasswork is possible.

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