StackOverflow Error

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I get this error on the builder, and Makeroid Companion crashes every time I lower the slider to the position at which this “if” is operated.

The error may be from my code, which is very basic

Steps to reproduce the issue

Reproduce my blocks

Expected Behaviour

No error, no crash

Actual Behaviour

Makeroid compagnon crash, and a error appear on builder.

Android version

Android 8.1 (OxygenOS Open Beta)

PS : This application has been infected by the “scrollable” virus (that has destroyed my title bar, and which prevents me from using the FAB) only one minute after its creation ! Please do something about that ! (

Your application is running this code every time when you slide the slider. (like an endless loop) Maybe you can add clock component for it. Or simplify slider’s blocks. So Makeroid cannot handle app then it crashes.

The most common cause for the JVM to encounter this situation is unterminated/infinite recursion – the Javadoc description for StackOverflowError mentions that the error is thrown as a result of too deep recursion in a particular code snippet.



Thanks !
I will try :slight_smile:

Or add a Break block at the end of your code.

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