Start app revenue problem

first of all my English is bad sorry for that
i use kodular and use sgbulders start app extension 9 day left my revenue not count user download app but start app no count my revenue but today i make app using sgbulders and today my revenue is 1$ Impression only 600 click 60 in other day my daily imp800+ click 90-100 but revenue is 0 can anyone say why was the problem is it kodular problem

Is your app approved?
Are ads showing(not test ads)?

publish on playstore and ads show smothly no test ad


SG Builder


Please correct them!

tnx for to say

You are saying you are using another platform

But you are saying “Is it Kodular problem?”

Someone’s extensions are not created by Kodular, and not affiliated with Kodular in any way. So please ask extension developer about your problem.

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ask he say everything is good