StartApp app-ads.txt

I am continuously getting these message on my StartApp Account
My eCPM has also dropped from 0.30$ to 0.05$ since when I start getting these messages

Please help me in:

  1. How to Implement app-ads.txt in my app to increase my Earning
  2. Does it will effect my app in any possible way as my app is on Play Store
  3. Does it will affect other add networks (eg: Facebook, Admob) as I only use StartApp Now
    but maybe I use these ads network in future

Big Help
Thanks in Advance

Any follow-up solution please? Can’t find solution either.

if you have website you can paste the adstext in your domain root if you using blogger you can go in blogger setting/adstext
nup it doesn’t affect your play store app and other ad networks!

Thank You, I will try it then.