Startapp Interstitial Reword system like admob

Hello dear, how are you all, I am making an app with the help of Kodula, which is like Admon, after giving reword ads, it gives reword to see a whole ads, so I also want to show reword ads like admob with startapp interstitial and can give points. But I noticed that startapp Interstitial does not have any reword ads system, so how to do it.

First thing first, why are you comparing among Rewarded and Interstitial Ads? These are solely implemented to achieve different purposes. An Interstitial ad can never be replaced by a Rewarded ad, and the vice versa is also very true.

Moreover, you can’t reward users for watching an Interstitial ad. It’s an illegal act as per AdMob and / or AdMob Mediation program policy.

Anyway, I don’t know much about startapp’s policies. I have never used it. Ads from this network feels spam to me! :sweat_smile:

Yes, I want to make such a system that by pressing button 1 user will see full ads of startapp interstitial and get points, moreover I have done everything but as soon as button 1 is pressed user is getting points, if button 1 is pressed then startapp interstitial will show 4 second ads And ads can’t be closed within 4 sec, if he closes ads then he will get points or not I want to do this, can it be done with clock or etc.?

kaj kori.apk (9.2 MB)

I tested your app. Ads are everywhere… :joy::joy: You’re paying your users to watch ads! It’s an earning app which is not legal.

Do you help me in this matter or make fun of me as illegal?

I do not!

I do not!

I have created everything, but the problem is with startapp interstitial also I am using admob reword ads and all is fine.

Didn’t you understand me? Earning apps are not supported by Google Play.

Make something helpful for users.

It does not matter whether you made everything or not, it’s still remains illegal.

Here, as soon as button 1 is pressed, balance A point is going away, but later users are closing ads, I want full 4 second start interstitial ads to show then get points. Like admob reword.


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I would not support an earning app. I hope you can understand my language! I’m not an alien man!:grimacing:
Have a nice time ahead.

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So what? It does not matter whether you’re from. I would not support an earning app and that’s all.