Status Bar color doesn't work

OK thanks, also the TopBar color thing does not work. My API version is 22

Do you mean the title bar or the status bar? Could you provide a screenshot, please?

Sorry, I meant Status Bar. Here is the Screenshot (The Status Bar Color is supposed to be Deep Orange):

Can you provide me info about your device and send me the apk, please? Then I can take a look why this happens

I can not upload attachments.
Android Version: 5.1
API Version: 22
Model Number: Z812

Upload the apk as example at google drive and share here with us the link.

Here you go then: testapp.apk - Google Drive

Working on my android 8 nexus 5x

It works for me too without any issue.

Maybe it is just something wrong with Android 5.1 and the code you use to change the color. Maybe it does not work with Android 5.1 or the launcher I am using.

Are there other app where the Status bar is black? for example is Whatsapp the Status bar is Dark Green. Is it black there too?

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Google Street View has a blue status bar, but other than that I have no installed apps with colored status bars. I also do not want to install Whatsapp to test.

What happens when you ise Chrome? It should have a colored statusbar on the Makeroid community

Going by the appearance of the status bar, it seems like your device is running Android 4.4.4 or below. The ability to change the colour of the status bar was added only in Android Lollipop (5.0)

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Sorry but that is incorrect. I am running Android 5.1 on a ZTE Maven. Which on some apps I have had before had colored Status Bars.

Then I think its your launcher. On you screenshots your device looks like to have a launcher which support the colored ststus bar

OK, do you know of a launcher that does support this??

It’s not a launcher problem

To do so, you’ll need to use a custom ROM if you can’t update to Android :lollipop: