Status bar notifications

Hello, I am developing an application, and I need a “push notification” type notification to appear in the status bar while it is being used, but without being automatic or connecting to OneSignal, if not when using the app, and it is working in foreground or background the notification appears permanently.
it’s possible_?
“push notification” works for this? Or is there another option?

try one of the notification extensions
you can find them in the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps
probably [FREE] 💌 Notification Style: extension with various types of notification. 💌

what will trigger the notification in case the app is not running?


right now I just need the notification to appear when the app is running, if not, it’s not necessary

I was reading and it seems that this extension seems to have problems with newer versions of android.
will there be another?

Any link, so we know, what you are talking about?
Are you planning to use music style notifications?

  1. the Play Protect warning is a no issue… you always get that warning for apps, which are installed directly and not via Google Play

  2. thsi is why I asked you if you like to use music style notifications… if yes, follow the described workaround there

previously you said

let me ask again