Step progress bar

I know Kodular has a State Progress Bar.


I played with it and i still have to learn all options. And there are many.

So i played with an idea to make a simple step progress bar.

I used a label and the material icon font. Inside the font there is the lens icon and the panorama_fish_lens icon.

The first is a full circle and the other just the outline of a circle.

I made a few blocks and in this case a clock to go through a number of strings made up of the names of the icons.

What happens is that the clock scrolls through the strings and displays them in a label.

It looks like this


When the last one is played it goes to the first. So you get the impression of a step progress bar.

You can take any font you want. You can scale easily and change colors just with the settings of the label.

Like to hear what you think about this idea.


A very nice idea, @Peter!!! Very interesting!!


If you enable the html format option

You can do also this inside the strings

or specify a Hex code as the color, for example #000000 for black.


If you want to add more spaces between the circles you have to use   characters

So for instance

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