Steps to sign, update and publish your application in Google Play Store, Api 30 Android 11

Can we expect by 1st October 2021, kodular new upgrade will arrive targeting SDK 30? What’s your rough estimate?

@Adventures_of_Heman That depends on AI2.


you quickly showed encryption key point in video, without letting people know how to get it. i am stuck there itself

Select this option
“Exporting and uploading a key from a Java keystore”

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all these boring tutorials result in nothing instaed of wastage of time and efforts. I had been part of similar 2 more communities. everytime i had to face lot of propblems doing these things, dont know why. i am giving up now. its better to wait for official update of kodular.

No such option

I suggest you follow the Windows steps,
Create a production version or upgrade a production version?

Yes, definitive.

Maybe only for you because many people has done it without my help

Do you know why there is no such option because you publishing new app that’s why Play console don’t have and this option available for already published apps and if read my post I have written there you can replace the keystore file from libs folder for signing or use that aab with these guide

I asked many times to show output from A to Z but you always show half out put from downside how could I will know what command you execute

I already know what you have tried till now in my pm. it better to pm me your apk with key store I have done for many user


There are many people who succeeded, it took many hours to learn this procedure and not make the
most common mistakes because you have to apply patience and be attentive in the procedure and wait kodular Api 30 is the best option

If what I’m doing here bothers you, I suggest you stop trying, I did it in the hope that I could help and not hurt or harm your projects.

There are things that are better to learn and not wait for them to do for you

Shreya, I have always shared screenshots, the visible portion clearly showing I am following your command. The hidden portion consists of sensitive information. The minimum required information is already there. If still some specific information required, do let me know.

This has nothing to do with keystore, your command showing apk as corrupt while converting from apk to aab, I have shown full path to it in screenshot. Apk is fully installing in phone. Now, can you suggest something?

Nah you didn’t show me because you said that was sensitive information.

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I did all the tutorials, but none of them were successful. Does anyone know when there will be an update to android 11, or another platform that I can switch to android 11? Because I need to publish a stream radio app urgently. Thanks.

Write me mp so I can help you modify your Apk and convert it to AAB

Try this tool It is very simple to use and you don’t have to have java


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I done everything as you said. Even i generated the private key.

When I upload the Private key to Developer console, the following error is occuring.