Still the Notifier problem when using multiple screens

Hi, I am using the method described in
The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor

But still have precisely the same problem of notifications not been shown after screen schange.

Even after following the articles on this precise subject with a solution to the problem I still have the same problem even after revising my app more than a couple of times.

My App has a main Screen1. All secundary screens originate from Screen1 and return to Screen1 when they are closed by the user.

As a sort of menu in Screen1 I have the following:

And all secondary Screens end like:

In fact this is the only Screen that returns a value, the rest only do their job and return nothing.

While notifier works (I mean until screen change and when running companion) text dialog have a light background (as selected) but the Alerts are always dark.

The Alert notifier is the only one that keeps working after Screen change so In key positions I have to use Alerts.

The behavior I am describing takes place even with App loaded in the Google Play Store. When run by the companion it works perfectly.

I hope I am missing something out.
Sorry for coming back to this subject but if only I could keep the Alert longer on the screen…
Thanks in advance

Try opening the notifier screen again on backpress. I guess this will work.


I too had the same issue(for only custom dialog) on companion but it would have solve by re-initializing screen,does the screen dim little when you try to open notifier ?

Hi, did not notice screen dimming.
Screens loose focus for the notifier that comes to the foreground, is that what you mean?

what is your app name on google play store

Thanks for that, I tried that and it works, thanks.
The problem in my App for this option is that Screen1 starts by performing GPS location of the smartphone and depending on where the user is it may take some time for location to conclude.
If I reload Screen1 GPS location will repeat every time the user returns from a secondary screen and that will not look nice. In that case I would prefer to keep the Alarm notification.

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GroupLocator. But it is all in Portuguese, I hope you can manage.
A quick description is:
It is a group locator App. It plots smartphones on the map. First time you are required a simple sign in.
Then your smartphone is registered in a unique way (no imei) in a database.
Then you can either create your own group or request the admin of another group to authorize you in. The creator of the group is the admin. The rest you will figure out. Regards