Still unable to run Draco companion in Genymotion

Unable to run Draco in Genymotion.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Install Draco in Genymotion Version 3.0.0 | Revision 20181218-bd824f9
Connect to Koduar IDE on Safari in MacOS using code

Expected Behaviour

Ap screen should come up on emulator

Actual Behaviour

Kodular Draco companion screen still on emulator and no app screen although dialog in IDE disappears.

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Android version

Lollipop and Marshmallow

Additional Info: Installed ARM translation as Genymotion complaining about ARM code (never did before with previous versions of Kodular or Makeroid) and re-installed Draco companion a few times.

Just tried it myself and it works, if it is a big project then wait for a while or try with a small project and see what happens.

Firefox & Win10

Otherwise I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you.


Thanks Boban
I’ll give it another go but wasn’t working neither in Win10 nor MacOS high Sierra…
I wonder if has to do with the changes o work without wi-fi…
Keep you posted about new testing…

PS This is what I get on MacOS:

The most annoying part is that all the other Kodular like IDEs work without any dramas!