Stock Management App

Hello, I want someone to create a Stock Management App wherein the stock items are not sold, but stored in different locations and are used within the organisation.
The basic functions that are required -

  1. It should sort inventory data dynamically (whichever way) based on categories, quantity, location, item name, purchase date, issue date etc.
  2. There should be a purchase approval system wherein Min Stock Quantity (below which stock needs to be bought) and Max Stock Quantity (above which stock item cannot be bought)
  3. Alert system to concerned person in concerned department upon Purchase Request, Purchase order generation, Purchase, Stock quantity update, upon issue, pending purchase bills etc.
  4. Vendor management (from whom certain type of items are bought)
  5. A dashboard to see an overview of all the features mentioned above.

Please let me know if you could create something like this.

The amount I’m willing to pay is $100-200, (negotiable)

I can take the job without problems, but the budget is around 300/350 since there are several functions that you don’t mention and they are surely required, write me and we’ll talk about it. I have references from previous jobs and good UI and UX

Would it be cross-platform?

No, we can’t make cross platform apps from Kodular.

May be you can try with gsheet insted of kodular