Stopping Application Use by Users as Developers

I want to ask, can we stop the application access that we have created and installed on the user’s device as an application developer? So more or less we as developers can regulate application use. It’s okay if all users can’t use the application anymore and have to reinstall it according to the developer’s permission. Thank You

You can do that Using Firebase database or if you know how to manage your tinywebdb you can use that too

how? in my application I use 2 login methods. Using google and tinydb. If I block firebase, they can still log in using tinydb

Use Firebase Realtime Database :
In your app Make a Code that says

Firebase Database.get Tag : Usage:

Firebase Database. got Data
If Value = 1
Allow to use app
If Value = 0
Disable usage.

In firebase store a Tag called “Usage” and Save it’s value as 1. Whenever you want to disable the usage just change the value to 0 in firebase