Storage access problem in Companion

(Mr Nicolas) #1

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I have used companion yesterday without any problem. And have not changed anything in my project and companion. But it shows thus error

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(Robert Crum) #2

Download the official material font from Github.

(سوبر اسطوره) #3

Remove the line and promise to lift it

(Nosrej Chaokad) #4

just clear the data of companion in your device app settings then restart companion.

(Mr Nicolas) #5

Already did it. And uninstalled then installed again

(Nosrej Chaokad) #6

Then refresh builder site twice just to be sure( optional clear browser cache)and try it again it worked for me when i used this fonts 5 Free Blackletter, Gothic, Old German, Ancient Fonts · 1001 Fonts

(Nathan) #7

Make sure you have allowed Kodulars Companion to access your phone’s storage.

There’s your answer.

(Nosrej Chaokad) #8

Sometimes even you allow Kodulars companion to access your phone storage
even by doing it manually by going to settings>app>kodular>permissions and still doesn’t work the companion app still gets that error . Even by restarting the companion. I dont know if its because of the device itself or the companion. :slight_smile: