Storage read access

When open 1st time it ask for storage access and run smoothly.
When re open then can’t access storage still loading please help.

Can’t understand what is ur issue.

Make a list from storage so ask for storage permission.
After install open app and it ask for storage permission then allow for access storage.
App is access storage and make list.

But after close app when it reopen then it can’t access storage and can’t make list it still loading

video_player(8).apk (6.1 MB)

i Tried this and it worked well-


thankyou this is working :blush:

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then give me a Solution.

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Yes say what you want?

Since you got your solution , please mark it :slight_smile:

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i want that you click that Gray Solution button and make it Green.

this helps the members of Community, if Someone in future has Same Problem they can Search in Community.
And they need not to read every Comment in this Topic and can Directly jump to the Comment marked as Solution.

and it also Supports the one who tried to Help you.

You don’t need an extension for that:

See also here:

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i knew it Someone will Provide a Answer without an Extension.
:smile: :smile: :smile:

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