storageOnline components

I have some questions about storageOnline components
i’m interesting in spreadSheet, RealTime (firebase), fusionstables, sqlLite online

There is many videos and articles to describe each of them, but i didn’t find any article or blog to compare them :

i need to know :

Function mode (sqlmode or nosqlMode) (by the way, which is the best ?)
Technical Limitation for each of them
Setup and configuration (it’s easy ? it’s free ?..)
Are they working in Kodular ?
What’s the advantage and disadvantge of them ?

Can you help me please ?

Welcome to the Community!

Hi Again,
I heard also that fusion table service will be stopped by google on December 3rd, 2019
is that true? is there any replacement solution ?
in fact i need an sql online database, i checked arround and i found the best is fusion table.
but i’m stopped with this google announcement