Storing sound as online database

As kodular has limited data storing facility,in which online databases can i store my content (which are both text and sound)? Later I will show that Data to my app users.
DO any developer here storing this kind of data online?

@psilwal121 your question is not clear.
Elaborate more your question.

Please use FTP for writable media storage. Kodular currently does not offer Firebase storage components

What is FTP?

I just want to store sound and text online to show into my app. How can i store them ?
When ever user press on play button sound start to play

So you want to store text and sound online in database.
You can do that easily.
Use this extension to use Firebase Storage as @joseph222 suggested:

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The easiest way would be to upload the sounds to Google Drive or your own server:

or to download them from the server to a specific directory of the user’s device, when the app is started for the first time (e.g. /Storage/emulated/0/mySounds/).

In the second way, the app can also be used offline (without Internet connection).


When user press on text sound should play
There should be play button just below the text.
Which is good idea to store sound like this.please give me some idea.

After looking at your problem deeply I think your have two options:

Option 1 : Firebase

  • When text or element clicked use Get Value blocks to get Sound URL by setting tag as selected text.
  • When Firebase Get Value set sound source to Value and play sound.

Option 2: MySql

  • When text or element clicked run query Select 'Url column' from 'Your Table Name' Where 'Text'='Selected Text'
  • After getting csv table text ( data is returned from MySql ) convert it to a list and get URL of sound.

Feel free to reply your question if you got stuck.

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If the sounds are not changed later, no database is needed and my approach is sufficient.

Put buttons with text in a verticalScrollArr., upload the sounds, set the links to Player.Source.

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Sound is fixed and wont be changed later.thankyou.i will try.

You can use firebase or cloudinary for audio, and any database for text

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Is it possible to store both sound and text together in firebase?

You can do that.Just use tag as text and value as URL.

I did accordingly but its not playing mp3 sound

I’m using this link


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the link is not opening.

Bad Request

Error 400

You need to replace your File ID with FILE_ID. Of course empty link won’t work. :sweat_smile: