Strange behaviour text / number in Gmap marker

Hi folks… I’ve searched the Community (and AI2, Thunkable, etc) - but can’t find this issue mentioned anywhere.

I’ve always found text and numbers to be handled the same - especially when inside variables.
But it seems Gmap marker create doesn’t work this way - for LAT and LONG it seems to demand I use a number.

So, this does not work (where LAT and LONG are defined as numbers in a textblock):

But this does (LAT & LONG as numberblocks):

As I am importing the LAT & LONG values from an airtable, they come in as a textblock.
The funny thing is… “is a number” returns TRUE for the textblock, but even then Gmap marker will not recognise it.

Anyone have an idea how I get around this issue?


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Not sure if this will work… Try adding 1 and subtracting 1 from the lat/long values when using them as the arguments for adding markers. The +1-1 should definitely turn it into a number if that’s the issue.

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I can conform @Kanishka_Developer statement that it works, tried even other methods with no avail…

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But when you initialize the Lat and Long variables, do you start them as text or as a number?


If you initialize it as a number and assign it a numerical value, it doesn’t work?

Hi Boban… what do you mean when you say “can confirm … that it works” ?

I have tried using “format as decimal” and it does not work when the ‘number’ block is used in the Gmaps Create Marker input.
I suspect it may be an issue with how Gmaps handles variables, but I’ve done all the testing I can.

Pepocero… they are declared as a number, but I also tried switching to text and it also fails.

Thanks Kanishka … I tried that, and also tried just “+0” in the hope it would convert … both failed, sadly.

Sorry forgot to add some color to the image


finally i found andswer on my question , thanks boban, i already made this question weeks ago, but no one answer

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Sorry to hear that you never got any response however, can you make a post in your own thread with a solution so others don’t have the same concerns as you did…