Strange error. First Camera image wont display (Companion and APK)

I have an app 1000+ blocks.

Two photos are taken and a comparison is done. Starting last night, the first camera usage will not render the image into its image spot. This is in Companion mode. As I am now trying to get the app to look good, I really need the companion mode.

On screen initialization I set a small image as a place holder to make sure it is working. When I click camera, the photo is taken, and the initialized image is removed, but not replaced. I then click the second camera, and it work as expected.

The blocks are identical. Even if I switch the order of the cameras and the destination of where the camera image is to go, it will not show the first image taken from a camera.

I have tried to debug with adb, and there are many many errors popping up. I do not want to share this aia with everyone as it has a bunch of private API keys in it. Is someone available to help me debug and test if it is working on their device?

If it’s just a matter of trying out some files (aia/apk) or recovering some logs, I can try to help you. Send me a PM if you want.

Ok so I rebbuilt the app, made a bunch of changes based on a copy I have saved, and then BAM it is now doing it again. All I did was change a button image to a none, and the camera wont show in the images. It does take the photo and it processes it in the background as expected, but it wont display it.

Is the workaround you posted in the other topic related to this problem?

Nope . completly different.

Can you tell the Android version of your phone?

7.0 and 8.0