Large App Problems?

As my app is getting larger, I have a growing list of unexpected bugs. Things that used to work, then just stop working. An example is the camera issue I reported earlier. I know there are bugs, that I have created workaround for. The Cloudinary bug, and the Button Icon image bug.

My Question: Is Kodular suitable for apps >1000 blocks. I am at 1100 blocks, and would expect this to be about 1500 when I am done. I am having this strange behaviour, that I cannot debug in adb, and it is forcing me to re-engineer, to try to get things working. i.e. rebuild entire blocks and components, hope it works, and then BAM it stops working. Blocks dont change.

I am using Kodular to build an MVP, and these inconsistent, erratic and untraceable behaviour is very frustrating.

Does anyone have any tips, or is the a member of the Kodular team that could spend an hour working with me on my aia to try to figure out what is going on.

Pretty Please.

i dont believe that someone of the team will take one hour of their time for your app. if they do that , than each one want a hour of their time

I currently have a project with over 2200 blocks and everything works fine.

The point is not asking for unique help. The point is that I have done everything imaginable to selfhelp and there are some serious issues that either should be looked at, or I be told, sorry you are out of luck, use as is where is. I created two work arounds for existing bugs, as an example of my selfhlep.

It is my understanding that bugs should be squished, and I have a couple of weird bugs going on. I don’t know how to get the attention of staff to help them debug it, so they can fix them, or if having staff help debug is even a thing.

If I am on my own, I accept that… I just need to be told so I can set my expectations.


I can try to help you. There are a lot of ways to reduce the number of blocks also increase the number of blocks so just thinking over the concept can help.

Works just fine for me with 6000+ bloks.


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It works fine with 4315 blocks for me… !

it seems to break things when I start playing with the design. My development strategy is

a) Make it work
b) Make it work fast
c) Make it look good
d) Make it look good and work fast.

So as I am now trying to make it look good, things just start not working. I am not changing blocks. Just things like Horizontal, Vertical, Layout etc. I just cant get my head wrapped around it.

5364 blocks and works well. The problem is the number of Windows you have … how many windows does your app have?

Are you live testing with companion when you change properties.

I usually change all properties then connect with companion to see how it looks…

It shouldn’t.

I just tried my biggest project and it’s working just fine.



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I have two screens, three horizonals and one vertical.

Yes and that is how I discovered a few wierd things., but I was able to workaround them. Problems are in both the AIA and the APK.

What version of Android are you testing ?. You have to provide more information …

Exoplayer is not compatible with Android 4.4w and lower, I do not know what other elements are incompatible.

7, and 8, and another tested on 8.1 and same breaking issues

you should send a log file so that the developers understand what is causing the error.

@imancol since I don’t have any issues, answer the right person thanks.


So, what is your problem?

I also have strange problems when doing rare projects with firebase, I have had to redesign and they have reduced the problems a bit, but there are always, I begin to believe that the Kodular engine is amazing, but it is not made for mega projects.

All kinds of Projects can be made but some optimisation should be done. Too much blocks, unwanted functions and lot’s of Arrangement very high resolution Images, etc can cause issues. So planning is key. I have taken a look at @cian Project and he seems to have about 100 global variables and there is a function to reset that 100 variables but actually many of those variables can be avoided.


OK so here we go.

I did a logcat of the PID for the app. I have cut the segment that supposed to do the following. I see nothing glaring, but that is why I am asking you learned people.

  1. Take a picture
  2. Send to Cloudinary
  3. Post picture in an image block (that is visible)
  4. Send the URL to another API for analysis.
  5. Wait for response, and post result.

The app will take the photo, send it to cloudinary, but wont post the image to the image component, nor is it calling the the API.

All of this worked fine until I made some change. Now I can get a copy of a log when it works properly from an older version, (Three times I have tried to make aesthetic changes and these wierd issues happen)

debug.cian.txt (6.6 KB)

The logs does not show any error message.