Button Background Colour Set to blank causes unrelated problems with Web components

Describe your issue

Strange correlation. I am debugging why after making aesthetic changes to my app, all of a sudden a function I did not touch stops working.

The function is an API Post call. It works perfect until I add a couple blocks to remove the image and background of a button. (I have to do this because there is a bug that when you make a custom button invisible the image ghosts as I reported in

Steps to reproduce the issue

I have not tried to recreate this in isolation. I know that when I include that block, it breaks the first call for Web Post function. I thought it was a issue as I querried about in

Expected Behaviour

The button background should not effect non related functions/components.

Actual Behaviour

Web API function stops working, through totally unrelated button background change.

Show your Blocks

I have set this to nothing, because the only way to make the button ghost disappear (i.e. workaround the aforementioned button image bug,) I need the background set to nothing.


Android version

7.0 and 8.0

You could just set the button background color, to your screen background color… Until this issue is fixed.

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For background color none, you have to use number 16777215.


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