Strange error - gnu.expr.Closure

call to ‘gnu.expr.Closure’ has too many arguments (4; must be 3)

Any idea where in my app this is coming from? I have a feeling it is from the image editor, however I have not made any changes to those blocks.

It is from a simple list creating function I am calling. I will return when I debug more.

Do you have any component which having 4 arguments? Or try to delete Image Editor component and try again.

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Ok I solved it. What happened is as follows:

For my large project, I usually create a smaller project to test new loops and proceedures.

What I did is modify a core proceedure by adding a new tag, but I forgot to make those changes in the big project. So the new call proceedure was actually needing 4 arguments, and the root I had in my project was 3.

This did not show up as a warning. It is my own fault, but I got to the bottom of it.


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